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    Live in Rome, the Eternal City

    June 25 – July 25 2017

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  • See, Sketch, Shoot

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Your Invitation to Adventure

A Foreign Land. Seat of Empires. Home of Genius. Eternal. Spiritual. Romantic.


We invite you to expand your comfort zone, speak a new language, taste gelato, drink espresso, and make new friends. Discover Rome, the Eternal City, through the lens of your camera and the pages of your sketchbook. But most importantly, discover a new way of seeing the world by reframing your point of view while forming memories of a lifetime.


Coastline Community College is presenting

See, Sketch, Shoot Rome

June 25th – July 25th 2017

6 Units: Art C120/140 Drawing and DGA 131 Digital Photography


Students will move to the city of Rome, Italy, where they will immerse themselves in day-to-day Italian lifestyle by living in the Student Residence in the Trastevere neighborhood. You will live next door to Italians, grocery shop with the locals and become residents of the city for an entire month.


The city of Rome and the surrounding countryside will be your classroom while you learn to draw and use your digital camera, creating a sketch and photo journal of your experiences. You will live in history while walking on the same street stones once tread upon by Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini and so many other masters.

The class will also take excursions to the Italian hilltown of Orvieto and to the Amalfi Coast visiting Pompeii, Sorrento and the Island of Capri.


Intro Video

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Below are some of our favorite photos of Rome

Click them to enlarge. You can check out more Photo Gallery entries in our Blog and more killer photos by others on Chris’ Rome Pinterest board.



Students will earn six units of college credit while studying Drawing and Digital Photography among the historical and cultural tapestry that is Rome. Students are required to enroll in both of the classes offered, which are taught in English.


ART C120, C130 or C140 “Drawing 1,” 3 units (CCC)

This class offered by Chris Kerins is designed for the beginning and intermediate student. With Italy as our classroom, we will walk the streets of Rome and other Italian cities to find our subjects to learn the basic elements of shape, volume, and perspective.  The technical application of diverse drawing materials will include charcoal, graphite, ink, and colored media to create illusionistic space and form. We will also view many of the greatest works of art for our inspiration at the Vatican Museum, National Roman Museum, National Gallery of Modern Art, Galleria Borghese, and Capitoline Museums.


Graded or Pass/No Pass.
Transfer Credit: CSU

DGA C131 “Digital Photography,” 3 units (CCC)

Instructor John Clark will offer this introductory course that will teach the student to use a digital camera with Adobe Photoshop to perform the basic image editing techniques to enhance and correct images. With all of Rome as your subject, assignments will be designed to explore and experience the city and its history. The class will visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum, Baths of Diocletian, Trajan’s Market, Piazza San Pietro, Piazza de Fiori, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, Campidoglio, the Pantheon, and St. Peter’s Basilica. You will learn basic camera controls, camera support systems, basic lighting techniques, file formats, transfer of files, and saving options.


Graded or Pass/No Pass.
Transfer Credit: CSU


John Clark

DGA C131 – Digital Photography

John Clark

Mr. Clark first came to the Study Abroad program as a participant (in 2003), something he describes as “a life changing experience.” Today, he’s the returning faculty member from the very successful 2014 study Abroad program and your DGA C131 course instructor for 2017.


John has been a part-time faculty member and an Information Systems Support Analyst at Orange Coast College since 1991 where he has taught Photo 125- Intro to Digital Photography, DMA 181, 181-L, Intro to Photo and Computer Graphics, and DMA 163-Desktop Publishing.


As a traveler of the world, John has been to four of the seven continents, to over 30 counties and circumnavigated the globe and always has his camera in hand. In teaching “Photo 108 – Digital Photography for Travelers” at Coastline, John combines his enthusiasm for digital photography and travel bringing his knowledge of new technologies to aid and enhance the travel experience for students and faculty alike.


To contact Mr. Clark, e-mail jclark@coastline.edu

Chris Kerins

Art C120/140 – Drawing

Chris Kerins

Chris led the Rome 2014 program for Coastline Community College teaching Art in and around Italy. He is delighted that not only was it an experience of a lifetime for his students but also for himself – so much so that he wants to share it again with a new group of students.


As an artist and illustrator, Chris believes drawing is a fundamental way of seeing and understanding the world around one’s self. When traveling, Chris is never far from his sketchbook including three personal tours of Italy. Additionally, in 2010, Chris attended the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Portland Oregon where he shared and sketched the city with other faculty and artists from around the world.


Chris Kerins has been teaching Architecture at Orange Coast College for the past 8 years focusing on illustration and portfolio development. Since 2012, Chris has also been teaching Rapid Illustration Techniques for Art and Digital Media and Design (DMAD) students at OCC. Additionally, he has taught at Brooks College, and UCLA where he also received a MFA in Design for theater and opera.


Contact Mr. Kerins at chris@chriskerins.com.


Get the Details

What Is Included:

The city of Rome as well as other Italian cities will be your classroom as you study Drawing and Digital Photography, on the “See, Sketch, Shoot Rome” program. There will be numerous fieldtrips to museums, churches and historical sites within Rome as well as daytrips and excursions to other cities in the region. Included in the cost of “See Sketch Shoot Rome” is:

  • Double/triple occupancy rooms in shared student apartments with a kitchen, bathroom, and general living area will be provided in the Residence Trastevere, or similar student residence in Rome for the duration of the program.
  •  Museum entrance fees for class visits to the Vatican Museum, National Roman Museum, National Gallery of Modern Art, and Galleria Borghese.
  •  Historical Site passes to the Colosseum/Roman Forum, Baths of Diocletian, and Trajan’s Market
  •  Three-day, two-night excursion to Sorrento/Capri/Pompeii, including roundtrip train transport from Rome to Naples, roundtrip train transport from Naples to Sorrento, ferry transport to Capri, entries, and one half-day guided tour. Accommodations in a two-star hotel (double/triple/quad rooms). Breakfast in the hotel provided daily.
  •  Two-day, one-night excusion to Orvieto, including roundtrip train transport, and entries to the funicular, San Brizio Chapel, and the Well of San Patrizio. Accommodations in a two-star hotel (double/triple/quad rooms). Breakfast in the hotel provided daily.
  •  One cultural event, such as a performance of ballet, opera, or classical music.
  •  Rome transit pass to each participant, valid on bus and metro for the duration of the program.
  •  6 group lunches


DOWNLOADS: You can download the Program Brochure and Application with all the contract details.


The estimated per student program price is $3,425 based on 20 to 24 students, , $3,275 based on 25 to 29 students, $3,175 based on 30 to 34 students, or $3,100 based on 35 to 40 students. Each student will also be charged a refundable security deposit of $150. Airfare is not included in the program price.

What Is Not Included:

  • Airfare. The service provider will offer group flight pricing. Excess baggage fees, porterage.
  • Optional single room supplement of $500; based on availability.
  • Meals except as specified.
  • Personal expenses, course-required materials, passports and/or visas, and anything not listed as included.
  • Short-term outbound study abroad medical insurance (see below).
  • Enrollment fees; currently $46 per unit for California residents.



Passports and Customs Information

Visit the United States Federal Government Passports and Customs Information page. You may go here to get information about obtaining or renewing your passport, as well as customs information you’ll need before you return to the United States. People residing in America holding a foreign passport should contact their embassy or consulate, as a visa may be required.


Financial Aid

Financial aid through Coastline’s Financial Aid office may be available! Please see the Financial Aid page for more information and to get the ball rolling.



All program participants are required to purchase short-term outbound study abroad medical insurance through an approved District insurance provider. Program participants can find further information on the required study abroad medical insurance at the Coast Community College District About Study Abroad page. Program participants must purchase this study abroad medical insurance no less than 60 days prior to program departure. Failure to purchase the required study abroad medical insurance shall prevent student from participating in the study abroad program.


For more information about this program, or any other Study Abroad program offered through Coastline Community College, please contact Kevin Donahue at kdonahue@coastline.edu or by calling (714) 241-6215 or visit the Coastline Study Abroad web page.

Service Provider

What does a service provider do?

Coastline Community College, as part of the Coast Community College District, contracts with companies called “service providers”. Service providers are chosen based on each program’s specific needs. The service provider chosen for this program has not only had many years working with the Coast Community College District, but also has been given the ‘thumbs up’ by both faculty members and students from previous programs.


Service providers are the ‘behind the scenes’ logistical organizers of successful Study Abroad programs. Some of the responsibilities that service providers are charged with is making sure students and faculty members are not only comfortable, but experience a healthy and safe learning environment. Housing, meals, transportation, and other details such as recommending restaurants or shops are just some of the added benefits service providers offer to study abroad students and faculty. They are extremely familiar with the ‘local culture’ and are the ones to go to in order to make the most of your program.


Most service providers offer two levels of assistance. The first level occurs before departure from the United States. This help may be in the form of helping you obtain airplane tickets, or answering questions specific to the overseas housing. The second level of help is when you are overseas on the program. Examples of help are: should you lose your wallet, can’t withdraw money from the ATM, or if you are ill and need medical attention. Service providers may refer you to short courses to help you more thoroughly experience the local culture, but these courses are not meant to be in place of the classes offered through Coastline Community College.


The program’s expected service provider, ACCENT International Consortium for Academic Programs Abroad, is an international education organization that works with over 50 American colleges and universities to provide high quality study abroad programs. ACCENT students come from all over the U.S. and represent a wide range of ages, education levels and academic interests.


ACCENT students earn transferable college credit from the institution sponsoring the program, while attending courses that bring them into the local culture with on-site lectures, academic visits and excursions throughout the host city and surrounding region.


ACCENT was founded by Ray Vernon in 1985 as Opportunities in International Learning, a Paris-based organization offering on-site services to U.S. academic institutions. In 1991, the San Francisco Center was opened in order to provide support to the home institutions and their students. Additional overseas Centers were then opened in Florence, London, Madrid and Rome. Over 20 years of experience coordinating programs in Europe has enabled ACCENT to become one of the leading study abroad specialists in France, Italy, UK and Spain.


ACCENT’s mission is to encourage intellectual and personal growth by providing educational opportunities that foster understanding of different cultures. ACCENT is committed to offering quality study abroad programs accessible to both traditional and non-traditional students, to creating programs of academic integrity in cooperation with educational institutions, and to developing each individual’s cross-cultural awareness and skills.


Contact Info:ACCENT
870 Market Street, Suite 1026,
San Francisco, CA 94102
E-mail: info@accentintl.com
Webpage: www.accentintl.com
Accent International

Get Ready

Are you feeling lucky?

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
Roman dramatist, philosopher, & politician (5 BC – 65 AD)


June 2017 may seem like a long way away, but that time is your opportunity to prepare. Several things need to happen before joining us for this remarkable study abroad experience. Some are required and some are suggested. We hope joining us for this program will leave you feeling like the luckiest person in the world.


Sign up for our newsletter at the top of this page. This is our way of sending all interested students information about the program and keeping you up to date as we create this exciting experience.


Come meet us at the next Get the Scoop meeting and bring your questions that are not answered on this website. See the Next Meeting section for times and dates.



Fill out the application (PDF Download) and send it to ACCENT with your deposit. This will reserve your place in the Rome 2017 program. Final payment is due by April 14.



When Summer 2017 registration opens, register for our Art C120 or C140 and DGA C131 classes at Coastline Community College.



About a month or two before we leave, we will have a student orientation meeting where we meet the other students and both instructors as well as get the specific details about preparing to leave.



While this program is an inexpensive way to live in Italy for a month while visiting all the attractions and having excursions to nearby cities, it will cost a considerable amount of money. It is never too early to start saving the needed money while also finding what resources are available to you. You may want to start asking family and friends to contribute to your savings instead of buying gifts for birthdays and holidays. There are many ways to raise the funds needed and having months to do it in will work to your advantage if you start now.


More Suggestions

Recruit your friends to join you on this Study Abroad program

Take a class in Italian language, Art History or World History class. None of these are necessary but may make your experience even more enjoyable.

Like our Facebook page. This is where we will post small items to whet your appetite for Italy.




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