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The Right Camera on a Budget

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Just this week Stu at wrote a great post, “How to Take Good Photos for Under $1,000.” In it he covers how to take great photos with an under $1000 budget. After reading it Jonathan thought this is the type of advice he usually gives his students.  Here is some good advice on not over investing in the camera body:

Buy literally any DSLR. The cheapest ones you can get these days are crazy good. There’s the Canon Rebel line, and the Nikon D3200. Heck, buy a used one from a couple of years ago.

This is exactly what I was advised when shopping for my DSLR. Don’t spend big on the body; the lenses are more important. There’s also more in the article  on what priority mode to use, focus points and software. One thing that is a bit different is Stu is concentrating on shooting portraits whereas in Rome we will be doing that as well as shooting other subjects.

Give it a read and think about what besides Rome to put on your Christmas list.



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