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Another Great Preview of Studying Abroad in Rome

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In all my research in preparing the first Rome study abroad program the thing that touched me the most has been the blog from the University of Idaho students. They have been able to keep a running journal of student’s thoughts as they go through their time in Rome, showing what an incredible experience it can be.

Their program runs two months and it’s a full time program for architecture majors but there are many similarities to our program. Both groups of students live in the Trastevere district in Rome and both do location sketching as a class as they tour the city. In addition, the Idaho program has a design studio and a history of architecture class.

The Idaho blog run chronologically and spans 6 years. The best way to read it is to start back in time by selecting the month in the right navigation and the read forward so you can discover their experiences as they do. I’ve excerpted a few quotes from students as they prepare to go back home below, but I recommend you click through and read through a couple years worth of their thoughts.

On to some quotes:

I can’t believe its over. Two months have flown by like it was nothing. Every day seemed to go by faster and faster. The first week seemed to last forever and I really wish it had. I’ll never forget the first walking tour, being twenty minutes late because we thought it would be a good idea to walk back to the apartment and change clothes. Or the first time I saw the Pantheon, talk about an amazing moment. I’ll also never forget our nights spent up on the Janiculum Hill, sitting on a wall, watching over St. Peter’s. Or the trips to the Vatican, walking through the colonnade, up to the Dome of St. Peter’s and just being stunned at the shear size and scale of everything.

Roma has a very special place in both my memories and heart. Its one of those places you wish so desperately to visit, and then, once your there, you never want to leave. Or when you do leave, you are trying to figure out how to make it back. I cant wait to come back one day and slowly start to remember these last two months, which will make me love this City even more. I’m so lucky to have gotten this amazing chance. Its really been a dream come true. I’ll never forget my time spent here and the people that made it special…

Ciao Roma. Until next time… – Michael 2010

I can’t believe it’s all coming to an end so soon. I feel like the first day I got here was yesterday and I am still grasping at straws trying to understand how this city works and is laid out. I mentioned this in a blog I wrote before but now I understand better the saying that one lifetime is not enough for this city. Every corner brings a new adventure and a sight I have not seen before in a way no city I have ever been to can match. It seems like these special moments happen in all kinds of ways throughout the city but I have never lost the ability to enjoy them when they happen to me. –  Aaron 2010

All I can say is that it is jaw dropping no matter where you are, what you see or what you do! I can not even being to explain all that I have been able to see and do in the last 2 months. The Pantheon, Trastevere , Roman Forum, our field trips….and on and on….all I want to say is that if you ever are given an opportunity to come to Rome never pass it up. It is definitely something that you will not regret doing. – Jessica 2008

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