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In Their Own Words: Read what the 2014 Rome Program Students Thought

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Are you wondering what it might be like to join the Rome 2017 program? Not sure what you will get out of it or if it’s worth it?

The best way to find out short of speaking with one of the students from the previous trip yourself is to read their own words from Italy. Fortunately you can do just that by clicking over to the 2014 Student Blog. We asked each student to make an entry or two while in Italy describing their thoughts and feelings while being there. I encourage you to read through them all. To whet your appetite, here are a couple quotes below.

Why do people come here? Talking to Everyone has shown me that we all came here for the same reason; perspective. To feel yourself as part of a world that is much bigger than anything you have imagined. No matter where we came from and what had to happen to get us to this country we all share this unspoken feeling that living this life will give us a new outlook on ourselves.

- Christian

This trip has been amazing and it’s a hundred times better than I expected. I have experienced, learned, seen, eaten, and done so many activities I never imagine myself doing. I am going to miss the crowded buses, trams, trains, and streets; the nonstop walking up and down flight of stairs; the random naps anywhere and anytime possible; the thousand choices of pasta, pizza, and gelato; the new and breathtaking sights, churches, and monuments everywhere; and the million of fun memories and stories shared with new friends. The trip has been the best thing to happen for me and I can’t wait for the next opportunity.

- Marcus

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